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3D modelling and design of creatives visuals for Itan's wrist-wear jewellery collection

Itan Jewels are a specialist supplier of premium jewellery pieces to an impressive portfolio of luxury brands from around the world. As part of their marketing initiatives to develop an advertising campaign to create better brand awareness, Itan saw this as an opportunity to pay rich tribute to their artisans and their craft by weaving an enchanting visual fairy tale that attributed them to legends with no equals. The creative campaign was a mix of print, outdoor and digital creative, launched in three phases with a unique visual for each phase. To develop this, the Trivium creative team conceptualized and produced a collection of visual masterpieces, using 3D modelling and retouching wizardry, complete with poetic copywriting to tell a fable of the beauty of jewellery craftsmanship.

The first visual saw deep into the ends of the sea where Atlantis comes alive as mermen who put together the pieces of what could be a precious treasure. The second looked into outer space, symbolic of their accurate and scientific techniques in jewellery design. The third visual saw the scene set in the rich landscapes of a discreet Hobbiton inspired village, where workmen laboured over their love in the form of a gigantic majestic bangle.

The final campaign was a mix of print and outdoor creative which used these creatives for various adaptations. From the video’s below, get a peek of how these magical visuals come together.


Scope of work:
For visuals – 3D modelling, sculpting, matt-painting, light and texturing, high-resolution rendering, graphic manipulation and retouching. For campaign – master concept, copywriting, art working for print, outdoor and digital media.